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Join and get real experience in Python programming.

We will make you to think how to start a project, what’s next and how to complete it professionally.



Learning the most demanding course is appreciable. But how one learner can find a platform where these concepts can be applied really. That is the real challenge. Project knowledge is different from course study.  Isn’t it? So, we are changing the way of teaching from others. We start our training with how to develop a Python project and  run it in desired environment.

We cover all the concepts in Python by coding it for real time scenarios. Likely, this will help you in interview time to solve project oriented problem statements.



Tools Integrated

Python programming is replacing many existing technologies due to its extensive support, productivity and speed. It is highly recommended for web development, automation, API design and tool integration specifically Selenium, Sci-kit, Spark, OpenCV for machine learning, Git, Postman, Jenkins, Kivy for mobile app development, etc,.

We integrate applications with different DBs such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Postgres and SQLite3. Also we take effective packages like Numpy, Pandas & Tkinter.



Best Practices

Good quality of the code saves time in reviewing the code and fixing bugs ASAP. Always it ensures code re-usability, documentation, package & module structure, supporting library management, standards, guidelines and so on. We have more flexibility in writing python programming but the same time code quality is very important.

Assignments plays vital role in learning effective Python. Instructor will review your assignments and will make corrections personally upon post submission.




Workshop is for building a real time product in 3 hours of time. Individual or group focused idea will be taken as a project requirements. As a group, you can collaborate for design and implementation or share your opinion as an active listener. 

This is a global meet, so it will be planned based on registration. We make a platform for Python learners and working professionals in one place to discuss project experience and unresolved problems



Mock Interview

Workshop may help you in getting more referrals since professionals from different companies joining for collaboration. A series of mock interview will be conducted personally until you clear the interview.

Telephonic mode of interview will be planned to happen in your convenient time. Most suitable answers to the questions will be shared at the end. We recommend the topics you need to focus while you are preparing for the interview.



our teaching team



Full Stack Developer

A very talented and enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching since the year 2014. Through out her IT experience, Anusha focused delivering high quality design products to those who came up with more complicated problems. You will get live handover to her creative projects.




Automation Development Engineer

Suresh has 6 years of experience in different domains such as Insurance, Telecom and Networking. He had driven many online classes & classroom sessions and showcased his deep Python knowledge in development and testing. He does more professional way of writing code.




Full Stack Developer

If there’s someone who can give you anything in Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning and Machine Learning, Sanjay is the one.  He is a master in predictive analysis that brought him here to teach high level demand course. He would say that individual interest peaks ideas into top project