Data Structure, Algorithm & Design Pattern

Architecture of the product is concerned to use case development and having improved solutions for future problems

  • 60 Hours
  • 6 Projects
  • 10 Assignments
  • Free Materials


Learn Python in Hard Way: This course is for 3 plus years experienced programmers who wants to improve their knowledge in design concepts and algorithm selection skills.  This will fulfill all aspects of an product design engineer.

Project Experience: During this course, we will create 6 python applications professionally using all different design patters.  You will understand complete product architecture, data protection for large open-source projects.

Python Primer

  •  Python interpreter and compiler
  •  Objects, assignment and data operations
  •  Control flow
  •  Function design
  •  Iterators & Generators
  •  Packing and unpacking
  •  Modules and import statement

Real World Analysis

  •  Problems or ideas into requirements
  •  Software development life cycle
  •  Testing and debugging
  •  Life of a bug
  •  Object oriented analysis
  •  Object oriented design
  •  Object oriented programming

Design Pattern

  •  Introduction
  •  Uses of design patterns
  •  Creational design pattern
  •  Structural design pattern
  •  Behavioural design pattern

Pattern Selection Approach

  •  Intent
  •  Problem
  •  Explaination
  •  Structure
  •  Component Design
  •  Use case diagram
  •  Checklist
  •  Rules of thump

Creational Design Pattern

  •  Introduction
  •  Singleton
  •  Abstract Factory
  •  Builder
  •  Factory Method
  •  Prototype
  •  Object Pool

Structural Design Pattern

  •  Introduction
  •  Adapter
  •  Bridge
  •  Composite
  •  Decorator
  •  Facade
  •  Flyweight
  •  Private Class Data
  •  Proxy

Behavioral Design Pattern

  •  Introduction
  •  Chain of Responsibility
  •  Command
  •  Interpreter
  •  Iterator
  •  Mediator
  •  Null Object
  •  Observer
  •  State
  •  Strategy
  •  Template Method
  •  Visitor

Data Structure

  •  Maps, Hash Tables and Skip Lists
  •  Stacks, Queue and Deques
  •  Heaps
  •  Linked Lists
  •  Trees
  •  Recursion
  •  Array-Based Sequences


  •  Algorithm Analysis
  •  Sorting Algorithm
  •  Selection Algorithm
  •  Memory Management
  •  Graph Algorithm

This course is project oriented.

Goal: 6 Applications Development

We will start with requirement analysis. Trainer will guide you to identify design components from the requirements. After code completion, we review your code and make it robust.

The first project is simple and its motive to complete the code with loops, functions, file operation and exception handling concepts. The second project requirement is advanced to the learner to gain project experience with real time requirements in which you need to use object oriented and database concepts additionally.

Daily assignments are to boost your problem solving ability. This will speed up you in writing code and bring more confidence in you. You will become a good python programmer if you could complete our simple & moderate assignments daily. We will train you how to write programs professionally.

 Goal: 10 Assignments


You can schedule and attend Mock Interview in your convenient time. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.


1. Python Interview Q&A
2. Project Summary
3. Areas to improve
4. Self-evaluation

We are arranging effective workshop monthly twice. You can reserve your seat for specific events listed. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.

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