Learn to develop powerful real world web application quickly and integrate with RESTful and AJAX

  • 60 Hours
  • 3 Projects
  • 20 Assignments
  • Free Materials
  • Handson


Pre-requisites:  For anybody who wish to become a professional web developer or willing to change their career into web development.  Only the required concepts in Python is added to this course.  Additionally you need basic knowledge in HTML and JavaScript.

Project Experience: During this course, we will build three hands-on based real world web applications professionally such as a blog, social website and online shopping.  At the end of the course, you will understand SDLC and advanced features in Django.


  • Python Introduction
  • Comments, DocString
  • Data Types
  • Operations
  • Conditional & Loops
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling
  • Database
  • OOPS

Lets Start Django

  • Introduction
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Design Pattern
  • MVC Architecture
  • How internet works
  • Install and Configure Django
  • Changing Settings
  • Setup Database
  • Start Web Server
  • Your First Django Project!


  •  Create an Application in Project
  •  Create A Model
  •  Create Tables From Models in DB
  •  Common Data Objects


  • Regular Expression
  • Create URLs
  • Understanding URLs
  • Passing URL Arguments
  • Configure Multiple URLConfs
  • Relationship Between View and URLs


  • Create View
  • Link template to View
  • Page Redirection
  • HttpRequest
  • HttpResponse
  • Relationship Between View and Model


  • Adding Dynamic Data in Templates
  • Use of QuerySet in Views
  • Template Objects
  • Template Inheritance
  • Rendering on Templates

Django ORM

  • Link A Form to a Page
  • Form Classes
  • Save The Form
  • Form Processing
  • Form Validation


  •  Configuring MySQL
  •  Integrate Python with MongoDB
  •  Establish ‘sqlite3’ DB connection
  •  Establish ‘MySQL’ DB connection
  •  Automate Data Insertion and Retrieval
  •  Manage DB Connections


  • Linux Basic Commands
  • Apache Tomcat Introduction
  • Server Configuration
  • Debugging
  • Update Static Files on The Server


  • Advanced Form Processing Technique
  • Cache
  • Handling Cookies
  • Sessions
  • E-mail Server Configuration

This course is project oriented.

Goal: 2 Applications Development

We will start with requirement analysis. Trainer will guide you to identify design components from the requirements. After code completion, we will review your code and make it robust.

The first project is simple and its motive to complete the project with two application.  The second project requirement is advanced to the learner to gain project experience in Development, Unit Testing and Deployment on Server.

Daily assignments are to boost your problem solving ability. This will speed up you in writing code and bring more confidence in you. You will become a good python programmer if you could complete our simple & moderate assignments daily. We will train you how to write programs professionally.

 Goal: 30+ Assignments


You can schedule and attend Mock Interview in your convenient time. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.


1. Python Interview Q&A
2. Project Summary
3. Areas to improve
4. Self-evaluation

We are arranging effective workshop monthly twice. You can reserve your seat for specific events listed. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.

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