Learn python network programming for Authentication, IP, HTTP Server, Web Services, Network Monitoring and Security

  • 50+ Hours
  • 2 Projects
  • 30 Assignments
  • Free Materials
  • Handson


Learn Network Programming in Python: This course introduce you to Python’s core networking library. It focuses on Network Analysis, Web service protocols such as SOAP and REST, Authentication with LDAP clients, Automating system administration and deployment tasks over SSH.

Project Experience: With the power and interactivity of Python, it brings joy to develop various scripts for performing real-world tasks on network like client-server application, system administration, interacting with remote network, network analysis and so on.


  • Python Introduction
  • Comments, DocString
  • Number
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • Operations
  • Conditional & Loops
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling

--Python Advanced

  • Read a File
  • Write a File
  • OOPS Introduction
  • Object, Class, Method
  • Inheritance

Sockets, IPv4

  • Python Packages for Networking
  • Finding Machine Name and IP Address
  • Remote Machine’s IP Address
  • Formatting IPv4 Address
  • Finding Services Running on Ports
  • Setting and Getting Socket Timeout
  • Handling Socket Errors
  • Modifying Sockets’s Send/Receive Buffer Size
  • Blocking/Non-blocking A Socket

Client & Server Programming

  • TCP, UDP
  • SNTP Client
  • TCP Client/Server Programming
  • UDP Client/Server Programming

Network Interfaces

  • Connect Remote Network Service
  • Finding Network Interfaces
  • Finding IP Address of Any Interfaces
  • Finding Interface Up/Down Status

Web Services

  • HTTP Server
  • Downloading Files in Internet
  • Uploading Files in Internet
  • Submitting Web Forms

Programming With Remote Machines

  • Finding Active/Inactive Machines
  • Listing Files in a Remote FTP Server
  • Uploading Files to Remote FTP Server
  • Executing Remote Shell Command
  • Copying Files to Remote Machine by SFTP
  • Transferring Files to Remote Machine Over SSH
  • CPU Information of Remote Machine
  • Installing Python Package Remotely
  • Running MySQL Command Remotely


  • Finding DNS Names of a Network
  • Finding DNS Host Information
  • Finding DNS Resource Records
  • Querying NTP Server
  • Connecting To An LDAP Server
  • Read & Write in LDAP


  • Network Monitoring – Sniffing Packets On Network
  • Network Security – Customize IP Address
  • Network Security – Scanning The Broadcast Packets
  • Configuring VMware NSX
  • Configuring OpenContrail Controller & Cluster
  • Interacting With Cisco IOS Devices

This course is project oriented.

Goal: 2 Applications Development

We will start with requirement analysis. Trainer will guide you to identify design components from the requirements. After code completion, we review your code and make it robust.

The first project is simple and its motive to complete the code with loops, functions, file operation and exception handling concepts. The second project requirement is advanced to the learner to gain project experience with real time requirements in which you need to use object oriented and database concepts additionally.

Daily assignments are to boost your problem solving ability. This will speed up you in writing code and bring more confidence in you. You will become a good python programmer if you could complete our simple & moderate assignments daily. We will train you how to write programs professionally.

 Goal: 30+ Assignments


You can schedule and attend Mock Interview in your convenient time. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.


1. Python Interview Q&A
2. Project Summary
3. Areas to improve
4. Self-evaluation

We are arranging effective workshop monthly twice. You can reserve your seat for specific events listed. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.

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