Python Bundle

Learn python programming language along with effective tools to make your profile highly ranked and picked up for good opportunities.

  • 60 Hours
  • 2 Projects
  • 40 Assignments
  • Free Materials
  • Handson


Python Bundle is Much More: This course is for anybody who wants to learn Python with some required IT recommended tools to highlight your profile.  End to end implementation of Python projects will take you to next level from your current work.

Project Experience: During this course, we will create two python applications.  More than code completion, we will be focusing on continuous integration, source code repository, logging mechanism, database, remote machine connectivity(linux), etc,. 


  •  Python Introduction
  •  Installation & Environment Setup
  •  Pip
  •  Virtual Environment Setup
  •  PEP8 or ZEN of Python
  •  Project Setup
  •  Configuring Git 
  •  Configuring Jenkins
  •  Doc String, Comments
  •  Run Your First Python Project
  •  Check-in Your First Code to Git Repo
  •  Retrieve Code from Git
  •  Run Code from Jenkins CI

Data Types

  •  Primitive & Non-primitive Types
  •  Number, String
  •  Collections: List, Tuple, Dictionary, Set 
  •  Packing and Unpacking
  •  Namespace
  •  Operators
  •  Data Type Operations
  •  Conversion
  •  Comprehensions

Flow Control Constructs

  •  Simple if
  •  If..else
  •  Nested if
  •  For Loop
  •  While loop
  •  Nested Loop 
  • Pass, Break, Continue


  •  User Defined Function
  •  Important In-built Functions
  •  Scope of Local & Global Variables
  •  Override Global Variable
  •  Adding Custom Function to Library
  •  Required Argument Function
  •  Default Argument Function
  •  Keyword Argument Function
  •  Variable Length Argument Function
  •  Keyword Variable Length Argument Function
  •  Iterator
  •  Generator
  •  Decorator
  •  Special Functions

File Operation

  •  Read, Write
  •  OS Module
  •  Copy a File
  •  Move a File
  •  Rename/Delete Files
  •  Excel File Handling
  •  XML File Handling
  •  JSON File Handling
  •  Handle Directory and Files

Exception Handling

  •  Exception Types
  •  Use of Try, Except
  •  Use of Try, Except, Else
  •  Custom Exception


  •  In-built sqllite3 support
  •  Establish SQLite3 DB connection
  •  Configuring MysQL Server
  •  Establish ‘MySQL’ DB connection
  •  MongoDB connection
  •  Automate Data Insertion and Retrieval
  •  Manage DB Connections


  •  Complexity in Descriptive & Procedural Programming
  •  Programming to Real World Objects
  •  Objects
  •  Class 
  •  Attributes & Methods
  •  Abstraction
  •  Encapsulation
  •  Inheritance
  •  Polymorphisim
  •  @classmethod, @staticmethod
  •  Importing Class, Package & Module


  •  Handling Multiple Command Line Arguments
  •  Run Shell Commands from Python Script
  •  Run Your Script in Remote Machine
  •  Web Application – Test Automation (Selenium)
  •  Logging
  •  Web Scrapping
  •  Debugging
  •  Multi-threading
  •  Concurrency (Parallel Execution)
  •  Regular Expressions
  •  Pytest

This course is project oriented.

Goal: 2 Applications Development

It starts with requirement analysis. Trainer will guide you to identify design components from the requirements. After code completion, we will review your code and make it robust.

The first project is simple and its motive to complete the code with Jenkins Integration and GIT. The second project requirement is advanced to the learner to gain project experience with Linux and other real time requirements in which you need to use object oriented and database concepts additionally.

Daily assignments are to boost your problem solving ability. This will speed up you in writing code and bring more confidence in you. You will become a good python programmer if you could complete our simple & moderate assignments daily. We will train you how to write programs professionally.

 Goal: 40+ Assignments


You can schedule and attend Mock Interview in your convenient time. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.


1. Python Interview Q&A
2. Project Summary
3. Areas to improve
4. Self-evaluation

We are arranging effective workshop monthly twice. You can reserve your seat for specific events listed. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.

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