Learn Selenium with Python programming to create automation framework to automate web applications in different browsers.

  • 55 Hours
  • 2 Projects
  • 40 Assignments
  • Free Materials
  • Handson


Pre-requisites: Only required concepts in Python is added to this course. This is good enough to deal web automation using Selenium. If you wish to write effective Python code, we recommend you to take python deep learning(Core Python) course before taking this.

Project Experience: During this course, we will learn how to write robust and reliable code for web application testing. Also we will create an automation framework to test multiple web applications in different browsers.


  • Python Introduction
  • Comments, DocString
  • Number
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary
  • Set
  • Operations
  • Conditional & Loops
  • Functions
  • Exception Handling

--Python Advanced

  • Read a File
  • Write a File
  • OOPS Introduction
  • Object, Class, Method
  • Inheritance

Lets Start Selenium

  • Selenium Introduction
  • Selenium Server
  • Installing python package
  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Configuring PyDev in Eclipse

Basic Commands

  • HTML Elements
  • Selenence
  • Locating Elements
  • Chain Actions
  • Automate Login Page in Firefox
  • Code Work with Chrome and IE
  • Debugging Automation Script
  • Assertion Techniques
  • Execute Test From Command Line


  • Filling in Forms
  • Interacting with Textarea and Text Field
  • Interacting with Drop Down
  • Switching Between Multiple Windows
  • Switching Between IFrames
  • Handling Alert & Pop-up Window


  • Implicit Wait
  • Explicit Wait

Handling Browser & Page

  • Handle Web Browser Open-up
  • Handle Browser Window
  • Handle Page Loading
  • Locate Dynamic Elements

Exceptions Handling

  • Webdriver Common Exceptions
  • Connection Exception
  • Session Exception
  • Element Not Found Exception
  • Alert Not Present Exception
  • Timeout Exception & More

Page Objects

  • Unittest
  • Test Case
  • Page Object Classes
  • Page Elements
  • Locators

Unittest Framework

  • Features of Unittest
  • Components of Unittest
  • Development on Unittest Case Class
  • Manage Test Pre-requisites (setUp)
  • Resource Management (tearDown)
  • Adding More Test Case
  • Reusability with setUp, tearDown
  • Grouping Test case Into Test Suite
  • Execute Complete Test Suite


  • Test Driven Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Universal Driver Script


  • Desired Capabilities
  • Test Result Logging
  • Support to Expected Conditions
  • HTML Test Suite Report

This course is project oriented.

Goal: Develop 1 Framework & Automate 1 Web Application 

We will start with identifying the test cases, then element properties. We will write automation script and identify reusable functionalities to group. After code completion, we review your code and make it robust.

The first project is simple and its motive to complete single page automation and verifying the result. The second project requirement is advanced to the learner to gain project experience with framework development.

Daily assignments are to boost your problem solving ability. This will speed up you in writing code and bring more confidence in you. You will become a good python programmer if you could complete our simple & moderate assignments daily. We will train you how to write programs professionally.

 Goal: 40 Assignments


You can schedule and attend Mock Interview in your convenient time. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.


1. Python Interview Q&A
2. Project Summary
3. Areas to improve
4. Self-evaluation

We are arranging effective workshop monthly twice. You can reserve your seat for specific events listed. But this is not a part of course that you paid for.

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